Psychotherapy & Counseling




  • As a bicultural person growing up in Taipei and San Francisco, I was surrounded by multi-cultural diversity from a young age. Since then, I've been interested and notice when something different or is not there. I found psychotherapy to be absent in API culture. In API/Asian-American families, talking about issues and everyday problems with each other is not commonplace. When personal issues arise, it remains within the individual and becomes an invisible struggle, sometimes unbeknownst to the individual themselves. Further, Asians are less likely to seek therapy. When issues that arise are not addressed while in the family, it remains dormant and will need to be processed later on in life. The work of psychotherapy can been invaluable for the health and well being of families. I am interested in helping API/Asian Americans work on their relationship issues and individuals around sexual orientation while living in tight knit, close communities. I have a Master's of Science degree in Counseling. I speak conversational Mandarin.