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  • Berkeley and San Francisco Psychotherapy

    Whether your aim is to work on a specific problem or become more skillful in your emotions and relationships, I offer a supportive space where you can share your thoughts and feelings. Through this exploration, patterns of thinking and feeling that contribute to the problems in life can begin to reveal themselves.


    Therapy can you help understand who you are. It can help you find yourself and better understand your current relationships and learn how to develop healthy, supportive relationships. Having a trusting, long-lasting accepting relationship with another person such as a therapist can be a transformative experience. It’s is through feeling understood by your therapist repeatedly over a long period of time, that creates the space for healing to occur, thereby increases one’s level of functioning at home, at work, or at school. It is this growing awareness that gradually opens the possibility for change, which can lead to increased satisfaction and a greater sense of authority in one’s own life.

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